7 Ways On How To Meet And Date A Girl From A Wealthy Family; Number 1 And 5 are important

7 Ways On How To Meet And Date A Girl From A Wealthy Family; Number 1 And 5 are important

It had being as a custom in Nigeria that the rich marry the rich, while the poor marry the poor. That’s why you see a daughter of a commissioner getting married to a son of senator; a daughter of a senator getting married to a son of a Governor, a daughter of a Governor getting married to a son of a minister, a daughter of a minister getting married to a son of a president or former president, and so on. The rich are getting married to the rich, while the poor are getting married to the poor! Why?

Do you know this could be one of the reasons, I said one of the reasons that the rich get richer while the poor get poorer, because the wealth has kept on circulating with the rich without giving out room for the wealth to move to the poorer area.

It’s palpable that the rich keep showing their levels, proving that they are not of the same class with the poor instead of helping the poor with their wealth. They always love meeting with people they think they are of their class.

Majority of the poor guys always see their selves not worthy to approach girls from wealthy background, they always lack the morale to even think of giving it a trial.

The truth is that it is not the first time I have seen a very poor guy date a girl from a wealthy family, I have a very poor guy that his girl friend bought a car on his birthday, and as well helped him to establish a very nice business that has made him what he is today.

This is the most important of them all. You must be a guru in wooing girls , you must know how to convince girls and make them develop Interest in you just because of the way you talk. Remember girls are sensitive to, and are moved by what they hear.

The worst mistake poor guys make is that they do allow poverty to be seen all over their body because of their appearance. The truth is that if you are rich you can never want to identify with anybody who is not standard physically. Majority of rich girls don’t need your money as a guy, they need someone they can be proud of. So have you ever asked your self “can any rich girl be proud of me in any way?” So work on yourself! I’m not saying you should steal to dress good, but the little you have you should always try to maximize it in order to always look good.

If you are a handsome guy, then you are very lucky because you have the highest chance of dating a girl from a wealthy background, but you will have more advantage if you also know how to woo girls

Behave as if you have money, that way you would love to behave should you have money. Don’t allow poverty to eat up your brain. Change your poor mentality and you will see your self very close to rich girls.

Many of the rich ones that got married to each other actually met in an expensive places, and hence see their selves as of the same class. Some even met outside the country. If you continue dumping your self in a worthless area, you will continue to meet people that may be worthless.

Don’t complain of money, everything is not all about money. Example that expensive hotel in your area which you think is for the wealthy ones, why not just save 1k someday and go their to just relax and maybe just take one bottle of soft drink that wouldn’t cost you anything, by so doing you may see some rich girls coming there to also to relax.

So they love and value you most because of the way you talk than your money

You will have more chance of meeting with the wealthy ones when you are living in a wealthy area. If you continue living in ghetto just know you will continue meeting girls that don’t have transport faire.

Delete that inferiority in you, stop seeing yourself that you are not worthy to meet them, or you are of a lower class hookup apps for couples. Build your morale and you see it happen!

As A Poor Guy Start Dating A Wealthy Girl Today To prove That Dogma Wrong Which Says That The Rich Marries The Rich!

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