Do you want to have a livelier and wilder night in Ho Chi Minh?

Do you want to have a livelier and wilder night in Ho Chi Minh?

Seventeen Saloon – The place is actually composed of two-storey music hall where you can dance and have fun from both floors. If you are Ho Chi Minh for their Ho Chi Minh girls then you shouldn’t forget Seventeen Saloon for your next destination inside the city.

Seventeen Saloon is now starting to be known in Ho Chi Minh and that’s why you can already find a lot of tourists and locals partying all night long in the said bar. If you wanted to visit Seventeen Salon, you can check it out every day from 7pm until 2am in Pham Ngu Lao Street.

Some of these places will have hookers, read my article on why you should not meet hookers in Vietnam to avoid getting robbed.

Nightclubs for meeting HCM girls

Then why don’t you go to one of the best nightclubs in the city as well? Ho Chi Minh don’t have that much when it comes to their nightclubs but there is this one place in the city that I surely love to visit.

Lush Nightclub – Just like almost every nightclub you can find not just in Vietnam or even in Asia, Lush Nightclub do also have their party scene every night which is being led by their international DJs who are definitely hired just to make your night in Ho Chi Minh a worthy one.

They also have their woman night every Tuesday where girls can have their sex drinks for free until midnight while every Thursday is their buy one, get one drink for free which you can avail up until the place closes.

Aside from these, Lush Nightclub do also have their modern and yet playful interior design which made the ambiance much even perfect. If you wanted to visit Lush Nightclub and give the place a try, you can find the nightclub in Ly Tu Trong and their door opens as early as 8 in the evening until dawn.


Well, if you wanted to find a more decent Ho Chi Minh girls then you should visit some Ho Chi Minh malls where these girls are able to scatter and so far, there are two malls in Ho Chi Minh where I can find a lot of Ho Chi Minh girls.

Saigon Square – Ho Chi Minh girls in this mall are in and out whether it is daytime or nighttime which made it perfect for those foreigners who wanted to hang out with a Ho Chi Minh girl after getting bored.

You can find Saigon Square in the streets of Hai Ba Trung and as you try this mall, you can also have a good time having your own cup of coffee from their cafes while having a guide sight seeing on all the Ho Chi Minh girls strolling over the mall.

Vincom Center – The mall can easily be located in Lao Thanh Ton Street. This mall is actually composed of two buildings where you can find around 250 retail stores which give you a lot of choices when inside the mall from home decor, electronics, clothes and shoes.

Vincom Center do also have their game center where you can definitely have a fun day out with your friends and from these stuffs that Vincom Center can offer every person who visits the place, a lot of Ho Chi Minh girls would surely try to visit the mall, giving you a bigger chance to meet one.

Parks When you are in Ho Chi Minh, it is actually not impossible to find a lot of girls in the parks and a lot of these Ho Chi Minh girls tends to be prostitutes thus if you are one of those expats who’s in Ho Chi Minh for these girls then you should give parks in Ho Chi Minh a try.

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